Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Power of Wireless

Alright, so I was talking to friends over IM (using Pidgin, of course) and I was complaining to probably my best friend about how I just ran out of things to blog. Then, on a complete tangent to that I talked about how my parents just let me buy a wireless adapter, so I could get internet up in my room (ancient desktop, I needed to buy a USB Adapter, which should work fine). My friend pretty much slapped me and said "Talk about that!"

Oh yeah.

I'm not that stupid, really. So, I have 3 computers. All three work. One is a laptop, which is up in my room. It is about.... 8 years old? 9? Some OBSCENE number like that. It is so old, I didn't think it had a USB port. I found one though, don't worry. That doesn't really count as a laptop, or in all honestly, as a computer either. It is just stupid. So, the other computer up in my room is a desktop, which was the family computer until I got this behemoth. I love this one. The one in my room, meh, it's alright, but it is old too. A 20 GB hard drive, a 1 GHz processor. It's fun, but it has its limits. And by that, I mean a LOT of limits. So that is what I'm getting the USB adapter for. The poor computer doesn't have an ethernet port, so when I had it downstairs I had to hook it up to the internet via USB. Of course, I'm doing the same thing, but it will be wireless, so I am probably not getting or losing anything out of the deal. All in all, its going to be awesome. This is the little baby I'm getting:

It is a Linksys Compact USB Network Adapter. And it should hook me up to my wireless network. Then.... with the power of both computers.... the world will be mine.

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Zaelore said...

Nice, I hope it works, particularly with linux. I have to look into getting ssh working someday. Because ssh is cool.