Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mother F****ER

I am sooooo pissed at myself. So, I sign off this computer, go upstairs, and get ready to use my new USB wireless adapter. I tell my girlfriend that I will be talking to her shortly from upstairs. Long story short, I haven't talked to her yet. God damn it. Soo pissed. So I go upstairs and try to get it to work on Ubuntu. No luck. I say "screw it, I'm too tired for this," and put XP on the computer. Well, after that is all done (at 11 at night) I hook up the adapter. And after testing a few things... I read the "fine print." My only response:


Yeah, it isn't a wireless adapter. Don't ask me how I screwed that up. Just, don't ask. It is an "Ethernet to 2.0 USB adapter." Pretty much, in short, it doesn't get me internet access. The box is already open, and everything. Parents weren't that happy either. Although, to save my honor a bit, the information on it wasn't that helpful. Pretty worthless really, it didn't tell me what it did exactly. My lord though.... I'm a retard. So stupid. So now, I'm going to get a new one. The RIGHT one. A right one. My god. So angry. I need to burn something.... grr.....


Zaelore said...

that blows

tgp said...

Heh. It happens! Don't feel TOO bad. Feel free to feel a little bad, though. :P