Monday, October 1, 2007


I'm not much of a gamer. I love playing Halo (with numbers after it) but really, I don't play that many video games. I'm much more excited to make programs that make it seem like I can really program. It is much more exciting for me. However, a few days ago, my friend showed me a game. The thing that really captured my attention was not the game though, but how it got around my school's blocking system.

You see, my school doesn't allow executive files from running. I've downloaded Firefox more than once onto a school computer trying to get it to work. Doesn't work, I don't have administrator rights. Not yet. So that pretty much rules out most fun things. But, my friend signs onto a computer, and opens up his directory. He finds the file in his maze of folders and then opens up Internet Explorer. I'm watching this with much enthusiasm. So far, he knows what he is doing. And then, tabbing back to the folder, he resizes the window so half of the internet explorer is showing. Like this:

And then he drags the game file from the folder into Internet Explorer, and the game starts up. Utterly amazing. And then he starts playing. The game is called "N." You are a ninja and you jump around beating levels. The cool thing is the game has a complex and realistic physics engine, which adds a touch of reality. And so, for the past few days (and of course, at school) I've been playing this game. It is awesome. Completely awesome. Just another fun point. The good guys will always be one step behind the "bad guys."

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tgp said...

I've seen some videos of this game on YouTube. It's inSANE. Physics based games in general are really cool.