Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Issue #1

I'm having an issue getting OS X onto my computer. I begged a few of my friends to let me borrow a DVD to burn the OS X image to, and one of them came through giving me three blank DVD's. Very kind of him. So, I burned the ISO to the DVD using Alcohol 120%. Seemed to work fine. I boot the DVD in and restart the computer. It boots up just fine on the CD, and then comes to a slight lag. After a minute it displayers "Still waiting for root device." And then again after another minute. And a third time. The same thing happened when I virtually installed OS X, but it only happened once before actually booting. I assumed all would be good. But I guess not. Something isn't right, obviously. I did some research and it seems that some hardware isn't compatible with OS X, it may be my Hard Drives. OS X doesn't seem to like SATA Hard Drives, which may be what I have. If so, I'm going to need my external Hard Drive sooner than anticipated... That is all I have tried to do so far. I'm going to do some more twiddling to see if I can get OS X to boot up its GUI at least, and see how far I can get then. Annoying, but I should be able to get it done.

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