Saturday, October 6, 2007

A New Challenge: Installing OS X on my Dell PC

You read it. It has been done. And now I want it. I figure that I have the resources power and ability to get it done, all it will take is a lot of new information, a few deaths to my computer, and a lot of luck.

OS X is Apple's operating system. It is meant to run on Apple's Macs. However, recently, Mac stopped making all their own CPU's and choose to use Intel CPU's. This means that the hardware is very similar. So similar in fact, that OS X can be run on PC's, with a little modification. I don't know everything yet, and I am still experimenting, but this is where I will keep you updated on what is going on. It will be hawt when I'm done. At the moment, I am experimenting with Virtualization software, making a virtual computer inside my computer.

And I would upload the pictures to show you, but my computer is acting retarded lately, and won't save the damn pictures, or AVI files. I have no idea why, this is getting ridiculous.

Meh, I'll keep you all updated.

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