Thursday, October 25, 2007

Houston, we have Internet

Today I got two of my wisdom teeth out. They decided to leave the other two in, which doesn't really matter to me, but is cool anyways. So, before the appointment, my Mother is kind enough bring me out the Best Buy, and we look for a wireless adapter. They have a few, they even have the one that I was looking at online, but it was much to expensive there. We are talking about $100, instead of the $50 it is on Newegg. But, we find a $40 one, which seems to me fine. Hell, why not try it? I can return it if it sucks. So, after the appointment, and after I de-drug myself, I start playing with it. The upstairs computer (the one on my room) has XP on it, so everything works on it (except Halo 2). Install the Driver, plug in the USB Adapter, and voila! Internet! Soooo happy. I got the D-Link Rangebooster G USB 2.0 Adapter.

Issues: First off, I found out today that my computer has 1.1 USB ports. Oh. Damn. That sucks. OH well, nothing much I can do about that except get a new computer, which isn't a bad idea, but not one that will happen until I get a steady income.

Second issue. It died on me. Normally, I wouldn't care, but with Wireless Adapters "dieing" seems to be common, and that isn't saying anything good about the product. After further investigation I found that it might not have been the adapter, but rather the network connection. A simply reboot fixed the issue. But, if it persists, I will be most displeased. RETURN. We shall see. I am typing this on my upstairs computer, which makes me very, very happy. Now all I need is a new monitor. And speakers! And surround Sound! Oh, the joys.

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