Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Firefox, Gobuntu, and still no Internet.

Well, it has been a few days since I have last posted. Basically, there was nothing to post about. No computer crashed on me, nothing screwed up, and I still haven't gotten internet in my room. Which sucks. Plus, I'm getting two of my wisdom teeth removed... so.... ouch. But, that is not it.

I am always surfing the web looking up new software and computer such. I like to see what is new and coming up. Think of it as something I do in my spare time. So, today when I went surfing the web, I found some new fun pieces of information. First one:

Firefox gets new, different, GUI's.

For those who don't know, Firefox 3 is coming. Firefox 2 is beautiful, but 3 is going to be gorgeous. For Firefox 3 the developers took a step back. They looked at their beautiful program and said, "Hey. These all look the same. On OS X, on Windows XP, and Vista, and Linux. They all look the same!" Well, not anymore. In Firefox 3 there will be a different theme for Firefox for each OS. Windows Vista, XP, OS X, and Linux (but not each individual Distro, as of this writing) will all have a different theme. The theme will mesh with the OS. It is going to be hawt. And very cool. I'm psyched. Pretty Firefox!

Check out the entire story from Alex Faaborg's Blog!

So, with that out of the way, I found something else interesting.

What the heck? Yeah. I thought so too. Apparently, Ubuntu wasn't free enough, so Gobuntu is going to be like Ubuntu, but with everything free. And you can't get anything that isn't free. Completely free. Like, look, I give it up for the greater Linux Being's Free. I find it interesting. You can check out its home page.
It also looks to be a base that other Linux distro's can start from, because it is entirely free. Pretty cool, but not something I'm going to download.

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Zaelore said...

A completely Free (from non approved of (read gpl) license or copyright) linux isn't anything new, that's pretty much been linux from day one. If you wanted a completely Free distro you could always install debian which ubuntu is based off of.