Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting Closer to Perfectionism

So, I used TinyXP to get XP installed on my system.  This is because when I finally got my hands on an external Floppy Drive, XP told me that my drivers were corrupted.  The ones that HP gave me.  Screw that.

Interesting factoid - XP won't boot up off the CD if Fedora 9 is installed.  I thought that very odd.

Anyways, I did a complete reformat, and starting putting on OS's.  I put XP on first, (hd0,4) and then Vista (hd1,0) and then Leopard (hd1,1) and finally Fedora9 (hd0,5/6).  And now I am in the process of bringing my system up to speed.  Vista is fully updated, as is Leopard.  However, XP is having driver problems, which is surprsing.  Something about my NVidia card, it doesn't recognize it, and that doesn't make running XP that much fun.  Something which I will definetely have to fix.  Soon.

But there I have it.  4 OS's, one computer.  All of which work.  My dream is complete.  Next step?  Make my own OS.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

One Final Reformat?

I don't know if I let the world know this, but I reformat my computer a lot.  And I don't mean too.  I just get angry at it, and reformat it, so I can start from scratch.  There is nothing on it that I can't put back on, and anything I want to save, well, I have a 500 GB external HD for that.  So, when I found out that my XP cd won't even boot anymore, I'm going to reformat my computer and see if that helps.  Because, honestly, it did boot at one time.  I don't know why it won't anymore, my only thought is that it could be Feroda 9, but that doesn't make any sense.  I dunno.  But I am going to find out, and I will tell you when I return.  I have my external floppy drive, and many different hacked versions of XP laying around.  With all this, one of them is bound to work.  Let's hope.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wine 1.0

Well, yesterday was an amazing day. Not only did Firefox 3 come out, (and the Firefox servers crashed under the amount of people trying to download it) but Wine 1.0 came out after 15 years of development. For anyone who does not know, Wine is a program which allows users to run Windows "exe" files in Linux. Absolutely amazing. Some great games are available because of Wine.

I am compiling Wine as I write, because otherwise it will take me a few days before I can get it through Yum. I'm psyched. Of course, this generally takes a half hour, but I can wait.

On the flip side, I am trying to install Rainlendar in Fedora 9, and don't quite remember how I did it in Ubuntu. And the Nvidea drivers are not supported with the lastest kernel. And I need to crack some wireless. Oh boy, so much to do, so much time spent blogging.

And now, back to work.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fedora 9

So, I got bored with my computer, and decided to try out a new Linux distro. Talking with my friend, I finally decided to Download Ferdora 9 and gave it a spin. Fedora uses Gnome as default, or at least mine done, so it looks a lot like Ubuntu. This is nice as most everything works in Gnome. Happiness. Everything works in it, sound, wireless, and graphics. I got my drivers all up and running, which means Compiz is going to town.

All in all, I am very happy with Fedora. I am also assured that the developers and community care about the Upstream. This means that if they catch a bug, they don't just fix it for Fedora, they fix it for the entire Linux community. Pretty awesome. Now I just need something to do with Linux. Like crack networks. Fun!

Opening Issues

So, I was snooping around my Age of Empires program folder, and managed to find the place where all the taunts are stored. I was actually looking for the folder which held campaign noises, but - whatever, this will work too. (Found the other one a few seconds later). I tossed in a new sound, and tested it out. Worked fine. I was like - cool! The things I could do with hacking my own programs. I need to try this out more.

I jump to Starcraft. Look around some - interesting stuff, but nothing too cool to muck with. Maybe I will mess with some maps and make them godly. Not important though.

I jump to Guild Wars. Surprising that, Guild Wars' program file only holds 3 files. A temporary file, the .exe, and the .dat file. And you know, that makes messing around with Guild Wars really hard. I do a quick Google search, looks like Notepad will let me into the .dat file. Of course, this is where everything is stored, it is over 2 GB. I open it.

"The File cannot be opened because it is too big."

WTF! I didn't know that was an error. Okay, if it is just text, then Word should be able to open it. I try word.

Son of a bitch. Totally didn't know that there was a LIMIT on how big a file could be for Word to load it. This changes everything. I think it is time to let Linux eat face.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mac Book Air

So, I was thinking. I was thinking, "Wow, wouldn't it be a lot of fun to get a Mac book air." It would be thinner, lighter, and look cooler than my current Laptop. I would use this one for all the "Hard" work, and save the Air for all the "Light" work and transportation. But I also thought of how quickly I would fill up the Hard Drive. 80 GB is not that big....

But then I thought again... wait, couldn't I use web services more? Instead of installing all the complicated software to do anything, use as many services provided online. That is what the air is built for, isn't it? Google documents for everything you would need - they would also be available everywhere.


Now I want to compile a list of good Online Services. I will report back whenever I find something cool.