Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting Closer to Perfectionism

So, I used TinyXP to get XP installed on my system.  This is because when I finally got my hands on an external Floppy Drive, XP told me that my drivers were corrupted.  The ones that HP gave me.  Screw that.

Interesting factoid - XP won't boot up off the CD if Fedora 9 is installed.  I thought that very odd.

Anyways, I did a complete reformat, and starting putting on OS's.  I put XP on first, (hd0,4) and then Vista (hd1,0) and then Leopard (hd1,1) and finally Fedora9 (hd0,5/6).  And now I am in the process of bringing my system up to speed.  Vista is fully updated, as is Leopard.  However, XP is having driver problems, which is surprsing.  Something about my NVidia card, it doesn't recognize it, and that doesn't make running XP that much fun.  Something which I will definetely have to fix.  Soon.

But there I have it.  4 OS's, one computer.  All of which work.  My dream is complete.  Next step?  Make my own OS.

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