Monday, June 9, 2008

Mac Book Air

So, I was thinking. I was thinking, "Wow, wouldn't it be a lot of fun to get a Mac book air." It would be thinner, lighter, and look cooler than my current Laptop. I would use this one for all the "Hard" work, and save the Air for all the "Light" work and transportation. But I also thought of how quickly I would fill up the Hard Drive. 80 GB is not that big....

But then I thought again... wait, couldn't I use web services more? Instead of installing all the complicated software to do anything, use as many services provided online. That is what the air is built for, isn't it? Google documents for everything you would need - they would also be available everywhere.


Now I want to compile a list of good Online Services. I will report back whenever I find something cool.

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