Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Opening Issues

So, I was snooping around my Age of Empires program folder, and managed to find the place where all the taunts are stored. I was actually looking for the folder which held campaign noises, but - whatever, this will work too. (Found the other one a few seconds later). I tossed in a new sound, and tested it out. Worked fine. I was like - cool! The things I could do with hacking my own programs. I need to try this out more.

I jump to Starcraft. Look around some - interesting stuff, but nothing too cool to muck with. Maybe I will mess with some maps and make them godly. Not important though.

I jump to Guild Wars. Surprising that, Guild Wars' program file only holds 3 files. A temporary file, the .exe, and the .dat file. And you know, that makes messing around with Guild Wars really hard. I do a quick Google search, looks like Notepad will let me into the .dat file. Of course, this is where everything is stored, it is over 2 GB. I open it.

"The File cannot be opened because it is too big."

WTF! I didn't know that was an error. Okay, if it is just text, then Word should be able to open it. I try word.

Son of a bitch. Totally didn't know that there was a LIMIT on how big a file could be for Word to load it. This changes everything. I think it is time to let Linux eat face.

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