Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Work In Progress

Okay, so as a testimony to how nerdy I am, I am creating a equation for finding out how many kisses equal a hug. Because, well, I have a girlfriend and no life. So, let's get to the action.

The equation looks like this: kiss=hug Very simple. However, those could be anything, so I have started looking up what the constants mean in the real world. For example, "i" is the letter which stands for imaginary, or the square root of -1. "s," for lack of a better constant is going to be seconds, in this case, seconds squared. And "k" is going to be the constant from the Boltzmann equation, which measure physical constant at a certain level. k=[8.314 472 m3·Pa·K−1·mol−1] * [6.0221*1023).

On the other side of the equation, "h" is going to be the Planck constant, u could be "mu" or the coefficient of friction; I am not sure what it should really be. G will probably be the gravitational constant, or 6.67*10-11. So, that is how I will relate the two.... I think.


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