Friday, September 14, 2007

Vista, And Why I Hate It.

My dad insisted on getting Vista. It was the newest Operating System on the market. It would be awesome for our new computer to have Vista. I didn't know much about it. I had done my research, but of course, no one knew much about it. Everyone thought it would be awesome. And so my new computer shipped with Windows Vista Home Premium.

*Deep Breath*


Yeah, that was a mistake. Although, I never would have been able to form this opinion if I didn't have Vista. I have so many qualms with Vista. It is disgusting. Now, the important point is that I won't say Vista sucks. No, that is not me. No, I hate Vista. I don't care what your opinion is, but I hate Vista. Hate it. A great reason is the previous post. My sound if f***ed up. I don't even know why. I still haven't bothered to fix it.

So, some points on why I dislike Vista so much compared to Windows XP and Ubuntu. First off, Vista feels like it has to ask my permission for everything. Anything that could possibly affect my computer, it asks my permission for. And the worst part is, when you try to disable, Everyone is like, "Oh no! Don't do that! That you could seriously ***** over your computer!" Stupid permissions. Another thing that ticked me off, is when dual booting my computer with Ubuntu, (that is another story) vista would not load if it recognized another operation system on the computer. It just refused. It was like, "Gasp! Ubuntu! You traitor to Microsoft! I'm not loading! *Pout*" That pissed me off so much. In fact, when I told my friend that Vista refused to load, he said "Fuck this Vista Shit." My new favorite quote.

My annoyances with Vista go on and on. It makes me sad, which is why I'm on Ubuntu right now. Hmmm, I am very interested in OS X though... I think I should tri-boot my computer...

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Zaelore said...

Maybe you should try getting a win xp cd and putting that on your computer. Or just go pure ubuntu, keep vista on one partition for anyone who wants to use it.