Sunday, September 16, 2007


I have DSL. Verizon DSL. It works. I don't really care about my ISP as long as it doesn't fart out on me. So far, Verizon never has, so I haven't really had any complaints. For all I know, all the the technical problems could just be with my computer, or some hardware issue. Not necessarily Verizon's fault.

So, Saturday I went over to a friend's house. Oh, my, god. They don't have DSL. They have Dial-up. I could have cried. What was possibly worse than that was that they were using Internet Explorer. They didn't have Firefox. Mozilla Firefox (I feel like I am promoting businesses here. Don't worry, it is not intentional.) So when I tried to load some web pages, I suddenly not only had to deal with Dial-up being a pain in the ass and slow. But I also had to deal with Dial-Up spending painful minutes loading ads instead of content. That pissed me off. Do you know what else made me sad? He wouldn't let me fix that. Nobody ever seems to let me touch their computers. Damn't. I'm not that mean!!!

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tgp said...

It's because when you touch them, you tend to leave them in a different state than they were found. Plus, they have no idea what the feck you were doing, and that makes them feel bad.