Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Internet. Freaking Internet

Alright, this should be an amusing tale. So, I get a ride home from school. Very nice. I walk into my house, and sit down at my computer. Ahh... good ol' computer. We go way back. Back to... February.

My brother had called from college. He had a task for me to do. Simple, and one that I do quite often. However, it involves me having access to the Internet. And lo and behold, as I log into Ubuntu, my internet doesn't work.

Great. At first I thought it could have been a problem with Ubuntu. Linux, come on, it's not perfect. However, at many times Ubuntu has fared better than Vista has, and I like it much more. But, it will sometimes have its own problems. I restart my computer, and boot into Vista. Internet? No, nothing. Well fuck. Internet is everything. Internet is where I spend my life! I need it!! Hell, I can't update this blog, which allows me to vent my anger without internet. So I dive right in. Fix fix fix. Damn Internet, why won't you work!

And then I had haircuts. Well, I thought, this isn't so bad. My Internet has died before, it's kinda temperamental. So I shut off my modem (DSL, don't worry) and head off to my haircut. I come back an hour later to find my computer mysteriously on. And logged in to my name. Well damn, I should never told my Sister my password. Or how to turn the computer on for that matter.

With vexation I vindicated my vile computer. (I just saw V for Vendetta). I turn the modem on and off. I do all the Vista automatic fixing crap. It didn't do shit. I keep at it for 20 minutes. Nothing. Fine! Be that way. I restart my computer and load into Ubuntu. I try fixing it from there. Nothing. I switch back to Vista, and pick up my phone.


I call Verizon.

Okay, "call" is not the correct term. Willfully diving into their nexus of automatic computer systems is more accurate. After an agonizing five minutes, I grab some information that may help. My phone tells me that I should restart my computer with no network hardware plugged in, and then put it back in when the computer is running. I jot down the number of who I could call (at Verizon) and unplug everything.

Restart my computer.

Log into Vista.

Plug everything back in.

It works.

What. The. Fuck. Like, it kinda makes sense, but not really. My computer is always plugged into the internet. Why would it all of a sudden decide not to like it? I don't understand. I don't get it at all. Although, now next time my Internet decides to be constipated, I will be able to fix it much quicker. Either that, or get a new modem.

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Zaelore said...

I blame vista. What kind of set up do you have, is your computer directly plugged into the modem or are you using a router and a local network, like a sane person = )