Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Computer

I like my computer. You will often hear me complaining about it, but in all reality, it is a very nice computer. I like it a lot. I got it this February, after my birthday. I had been begging my dad for a new computer for about a year, and he kept putting it off. "For a Christmas present, after Vista comes out, for your Birthday." Finally he ran out of excuses. I eagerly went online and continued by research into a new computer with a renewed fervor.

My friend had been helping me out a lot before now. He and I would go onto a computer website, customize a computer, and see what it looked like. The only problem with this is that my friend felt that he was vastly superior to me, and he always knew what was best. It went from us picking out a neat computer, to him telling me I don't need that kind of power.

Bull Shit.

You always need more power. More Power! And so I got more power. I will update these specs when I am actually home to check them out (I'm at school posting this) but I believe it went something like this...

2.66 Dual Core Intel Processor
2 GB of DDR2 Ram
7900 Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card
Sony DVD +-RW
500 GB Hard Drive (2 X 250)

I didn't build it. No, instead I customized it off the Dell website. I was kinda vouching for an Alien ware computer, but my dad didn't like the 16,000 dollar price tag. Oh well. It's an XPS Dell, and is very nice.... I got an new sound system, 2.1, which was much better than my old crappy one.

So my Qualms?

Well, I want 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 surround sound for my computer. That would make my iTunes library sound sooooo much better. All those songs would now have a real kick to them. Something that I would really like.

My Monitor sucks. Okay, fine, it doesn't "suck." It does what I need it to. But it is only 17 or so inches. I really need (for optimal gaming experience) a.... let's go with 36" monitor. Yeah, now we are talking. Big. I like big.

Modem. Thank god it is no longer a dial up. That would have caused some Cosmo to explode. Dial up is the equivalent to a anarchist in heaven. It just never should happen. Anyways, my modem will occasionally, and sporadically, over heat itself, and then refuse to connect to the Internet for a period of time. That really sucks when you have things going on base on real time. And if you aren't online, then you should crawl into your corner now.

And yeah, after that, it is just me wishing for a slightly better keyboard, a nicer mouse. All those things will come. They will come.

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tgp said...

Nice use of bold face and italics. And a 36" monitor is HUGE!