Thursday, September 13, 2007


You know, I had a great post lined up talking about Vista and how I hate it. But, that is just going to have to wait. Because I have another, more dire, problem. So, I restart Firefox after fixing some Add-ons. iTunes is up. Oh yeah, I opened it. Well, I might as well listen to some music.


No. I guess not. I click on the first song and wait a moment. No sound. I go to the next song. No sound. I click on a random song. No sound. I close iTunes, go to My Computer, and open a movie. No sound either.

Well that's retarded. What the hell happened to my sound?! I check the wires. Everything appears to be plugged in and have power. This is getting stupider by the moment. (All the while, I am getting more and more angry at Vista). I go and check my hardware (in control Panel). Well Vista claims that my sound is "Working as Intended."

My Response?

Fuck you Vista. I do some more work with Firefox, and restart my computer. I'm getting to the root of all this. I boot into Ubuntu Linux. Log in and open Banshee (Music Player.) I click on the first song. And it plays. It is playing now. Ahhh, sweet sweet music.

Sooo.... what the hell is wrong with Vista? I'll find out. After I play and do homework. Vista, suck my ------.

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