Monday, September 10, 2007

Drunk Driving

I'm not literally drunk, just the equivalent. I'm dead tired. And I wasn't driving a car. Just my computer. By the way, never do those two things together. It will most likely get the mouse thrown across the room (funny stories about that!)

So, I was typing away on Word 2007, when I alt-tab to my browser and look at the question again. When I tab back to Word, I found that the entire setup of the page had been changed. What the fuck. I didn't even touch anything. Or, I don't think I did. Word just decided it didn't like my setup and changed it. Something that I wouldn't put past Gates. Of course, it was only a few minutes later that I found out how to switch it back. But still, the point stands, that Word 2007 is unnecessarily hard to use, especially for a non tech person.

And what the hell is up with the new file types on Office 2007 stuff? Xlsx, and Docx? They aren't backwards compatible at all. What the heck was wrong with .Doc? I switched mine so fast it made Microsoft's head spin. Utterly ridiculous.


tgp said...

You really do NOT like Windows, do you?

Wayfarer said...

No. Not really. Or, maybe, it doesn't like me.

Zaelore said...

Not many people who are into tech are big fans of windows. Just a fact.