Monday, September 10, 2007

F***ing School Computers

I go to CVUHS. Champlain Valley Union High School. It's a good place. I like it there. One of the cool things is that we have a lot of computer power. We have over 4 different computer labs, and over 50 public laptops that you can use for a time. It really makes me happy. Of course, with 1300 kids at one school, you do need a lot of computer power.... that isn't the point.

Back to the amusing anecdote. I was working in one of the computer laps with a friend next to me. He was showing off his shiny 4 GB flash drive as I was diligently typing my French homework on Word 2007. It was going well. Out of habit, (and lucky for it) I saved the document every other line. A paranoia that developed into a incredibly useful habit.

So I was mildly ignoring my friend when he decided to leave. I was almost done my French Homework. He logs off the computer next to me, pulls out his flash drive, and gets up. I save my document.

As I am pressing ctrl+s the screen blacks out. I look at the screen in mild shock. Before my mind figures out what the hell happened to my computer, the screen comes back to life. It is not of Word 2007 and my document. It is of the "Windows XP is shutting down." Faster than I have ever seen a school computer restart, the computer shuts itself down, and then reboots itself.

WTF? I just wanted to save my Document!! What?? How the hell do things like this happen??? I quickly hopped onto my friends now vacant computer, logged in, and checked the document. *Phew.* Mostly saved. I only missed a few sentences.

Why do computers do that to me? I don't even know what the hell happened. It just... died. Kinda like it was tired of me typing French on it. Is French really that bad?


tgp said...

I'm sorry, did you mean your "freedom" homework?

Zaelore said...

Yeah the school should really use linux or mac os x, apple especially is supposed to have the education market cornered.