Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Computers

So, with the help of a friend, and some fast action, I managed to grab 3 computers.  Now, keep in mind, they aren't new, but they are computers.  The story goes, a school decided that they needed to upgarde their technology.  So, IT calls out that they are selling off these computers.  I don't know this is happening, I am hanging out with my Girlfriend at a lake house.  Good fun that was.  However, my friend does, and he knows how into technology I am.  He IM's me and tells me about this deal.  He had already told the school that he wanted too.  When he contacted me with this information, this is all I got:

School is getting rid of computers.
$20 each, comes with Monitors, keyboard, and a mouse.
Pentium 4 Intel Processor at 2Ghz.
256mb of Ram.

That is all I know.  But for $20, how can you go wrong?  I tell them to grab those two he ordered, and if he can, pick up a third.  And you know what?  It all worked out.  I have (In fact, I'm typing this on a new computer) three computers sitting in front of me.  The RAM sucks, but I am ordering more.  Hopefully by the end of this week each computer will be fitted with 1GB of ram.  They only have 20GB HDD, but I don't really need more storage.  So, the next step?  Extreme networking and extreme LAN partying.  Fun stuff.

If you have ideas on what I should do with them, post it!

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