Monday, July 28, 2008


Congratulations, now I can have Cluster fail.  With my three new computers and a whole lot of organizing and working, friends and I managed to get the computers set up.  It isn't completely done, but it really is amazing what we have managed to accomplish.  Once we can get them all up and running at the same time, then we can really work on networking and LAN gaming.

So, this is the rearranging of the basement.  Once I got the all clear from the Parental Units, it was all in our own hands.  We moved the TV and Xbox out from the corner you see (where the two walls of windows meet) to the other side of the basement.  We then condensed all the crap in the basement over into the space you see.  See the wagon?  All those boxes on it are Magic cards.  A lot of Magic cards.

This is our cluster.  Three computers, with room for a Laptop (which is what Sam is doing right now).  Unfortunetly, I don't have a switch yet to give them all Ethernet, that will come soon.  (Along with more RAM).  Very happy with how the cluster turned out.  I also need a powergrid to get them all working at the same time.  At the moment, only one computer can be on.  Two max, but the other outlets are being used my less important things.  Like Sam's laptop.

That is our big ass-tv.  And the Xbox, with Halo.  The person you see working on the Mac is my Linux Guru of a friend, Henry.  Working on getting Wordpress to work on our server, which isn't going well.  Anyways, we got the area cleared out so that could work as well.  Very pleased by this turnout, although without Sam, Henry, and Brian (my bro), it would have been a lot harder to do.  Now.... to networking!

Enjoy these other pictures!


Zaelore said...

Yo I looked up some networking stuff for us.


(if the comps have gigabit ethernet we could get a gigabit switch, I doubt that they do tho)

25' ethernet (long enough?)

6' ethernet

though if we order 4 from them we will probably get 4 of the same color = /

do you think 6' is too long? probably better to err on the side of longer = /

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