Monday, February 25, 2008


Amazing! See what a little dedication and some slave labor can do. I know have OS X Leopard installed on my HP dv9700 Laptop. And, it is fast.

Basically, I used the Kalyway DVD and the Vanilla kernel to boot up. I didn't choose any drivers, and choose to install it using MBR, not GUID. Installation then went, and back, I was in. Nothing stupid happened when I set up my account and so I got it. What works: Now, everything works but wireless internet. However, some people are working on drivers for my sound card, so if they get them to work, I should be in luck, Otherwise, I'll have to live with my hardwire. But I got sound to work, and I am very happy. I also got my native resolution to work (1440 X 900) and my touch bad, well, touches.

I had to use two patches. I patched by audio with this and I got the driver for my Graphics card


sarge said...

Bro how I have a 9700 used kalyway disc selected no drivers under custimize selected mbr and nothing else installed and it wont boot just get grey screen of death
what options are you using when it boots after install???

sarge said...

email me