Sunday, February 3, 2008

Leopard Installation: So close I can taste it!

It hurts, it really does. How close I am to having OS X Leopard on my computer. I am using Kalyway's installation DVD, which my friend, who owns a Mac, burned for me. I got the DVD off a torrent site, but after some reading I found out that it could only be unzipped on a Mac. Which sucks, because at the moment, I don't have one. However, I handed it over to my friend via Flash Drive, and had him burn it to a DVD for me. The results? Beautiful.

I had used iAtkos's DVD installation for Leopard and a JAS' Tiger installation DVD and both got me to the same place. After starting to load the DVD it gave me the loving error: "Still waiting for root device." The dreaded one which no one can seem to get passed. Oh it is terrible. However, I popped the Kalyway DVD in and put it in verbose mode, and watched as it loaded HFS+ (Macs file system) files, and Drivers again and again. It loaded many of them, maybe even a hundred. They just kept coming and it made me happy. The other DVD's only loaded about 4 of them before booting. However, Kalyway came to the same place as the other DVD's had come to and paused. And then gave some weird messages. And paused again. And then gave some more messages. And then kept going. It loaded all the way. Right into the installation. I had already picked out a partition for it to be on, and without much trouble, formated it and went ahead. First time through I forgot to pick custom installation. Second time through I forgot to choose Vanilla Kernel. Third time through, it all went smoothly. Leopard installed on my computer.


So why am I only "So close"? Because I can't get passed the welcome screen. OS X leopard doesn't recognize my keyboard, duh, it isn't a mac one. It gets angry at me, but finally gets over it. Then, right before booting up the desktop, it asks if I want to import anything. Uhhh.... no? I don't have another mac. But when I skip that part, it pauses, and the loops back to the beginning. I can't get passed it. An endless loop. I am so close.... so close.... one more step.... and I just can't do it! If you have any insight on how to get by this, let me know!

Oh, I forgot to mention that in the process of getting Leopard to work, I left Windows in an nonoperational state. A change for the better methinks...

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