Friday, February 29, 2008

Install Pidgin on OS X Leopard

Turns out, it was a lot easier than I had thought. Or at least, how I had been doing it. You see, I was trying to install Pidgin from source, and that means finding all the dependencies. And, you know, that is a lot harder when some of them aren't made for OS X. So, after much work, I finally did something stupid, and Leopard died on my computer. After putting it back on, I set things up again, but I was too lame to go back and keep working on that path. Turns out, there is another way.

1: Download Xcode from the apple developer site. You will have to sign up and login to access Xcode. Under the "Downloads" section it is in Developer Tools. Since I am using Leopard, I used version 3.0.

2: Run the Xcode installer, and the other 2 installers which will be in the same window. Also, open the packages folder and install X11SKD.pkg.

3: Download the Newest Version (or make sure you have the newest version) of Macports. (If it is already installed, run "$ sudo port selfupdate". (If you just installed it, run the same command to make sure it works, and you have the newest version).

4: To install pidgin, run the following command: "$ sudo port install pidgin". (Optional: "$ sudo port install pidgin +quartz +no_x11"

5: Sit back and wait. That should do it. If you have any errors, you can try the other option in step 4, but before you do that make sure you clean up your mess. ("$ sudo port clean pidgin").

To run Pidgin search, "Pidgin unix" and it should be the only executable file there. With that, double click it, and you should be in business. A terminal will open as well, just minimize that.


Anonymous said...

Why would you want to install Pidgin on OS X? Audim is a much better IM program for OS X and it's natively supported.

Total MacBook said...

Because Adium + msn doesnt not work with http proxies >:(

Total MacBook said...


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