Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well, I found a typo. And it got me thinking, wow, this is a terrible place to have a typo. I mean, the only place worse than this could be the Constitution of the United States. Or the Declaration of Independence. Both of those would be pretty bad too. However, this is kinda funny:

"[School Name]
recognizes the importance of and the significant educational benefits that are derived from providing students and staff member’s access to information technology and the Internet. The Internet is an important educational and communications resource whish provides our students and staff members access to a limitless level of resources and information."

That is a school's Privacy Policy on the internet. Ummm... pretty sure "whish" is
not word. Although, it is rather funny. Got some other good typo's? Tell them in the comments section!

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73h 5h122 said...

In that same section, "member's" should be "members'." Hooray for grammar Nazism!