Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Installation Issues

Yeah, I tell you. Installation issues. And not the normal program kind. I'm talking about the OS kind. I just installed 3 different OS's so many times, I don't want to see another Boot screen again. Why was it so hard? Because Vista is an Ass. That is why.

I tried install Leopard. Worked fine. Then I would install Vista, and it would boot into Vista. And Leopard wouldn't boot, and so I would stop Vista's bootloader, and that would end up with the computer not booting at all. Then Darwin wouldn't boot into Vista, because Vista is fucked up.

Short story of it all is this. Kubuntu and Grub had to go on the Primary Hard Drive. Vista and Leopard went on the secondary one, and so Grub would boot first. Vista went on, then leopard, then Vista, then Kubuntu, and it is all good. Finally, everything works again. That took way, way to long.

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