Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dual Monitors

Woot.  I wish I had dual monitors.  That would just be really cool.  But no, instead, I set up my Friend with Dual monitors.  Why he needs them, I don't know, all he uses his computer for is music.  Oh well, I was called in for Tech Support, and off I went!

Basically, it was a straightforwads process.  His computer had Intel intergrated graphics, which supported one monitor, so I had to install another graphics card which had another VGA output.  That went well.  However, once I accomplished that, the computer didn't recognize the Intel graphics, only the newly installed one.  So, I had to go and find a new Driver for the Graphics card, which wasn't that difficult, install, restart, and hoped it worked.

It did!  It was awesome.  Going to Control Panel -> Display, (Alternate "Right click" on desktop, -> Properties, (or personalize in Vista) then go to Settings, (or Display in Vista), allowed me to set it up so the Mouse could move between monitors.  I got a program which extended the start menu across to the other monitor.  The entire thing was pretty awesome.  Very pleased without it all came out.


Sum Deos said...

My dad has dual monitors. There kind of sexy, aren't they? It makes me salivate just thinking of the destruction I could wreak with a dual monitored linux-kernel based system... >:D

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You wrote:
Going to Control Panel -> Display, (Alternate "Right click" on desktop, -> Properties, (or personalize in Vista) then go to Settings, (or Display in Vista)

But what about "Windows Seven"?

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