Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I just recently obtained a version of OS X86 made from Kalyway, however, what I did not realize is that in order to unzip the package I have to have OS X already. I own a legal copy of OS X, but that doesn't count, I don't have it up and running. Which means I have a very worthless copy of OS X86 with me. However, not all is lost. I'm meeting up with a friend who should be able to unzip the file for me, and allow me to burn the ISO inside. With tons of luck, this version will be the one to get me past the dreaded "still waiting for root device" error.


dissertation write said...

after testing it please tell us about a result. we would like to know it, me at least.. ;)

custom essay papers service said...

I've got the same stuff, and got some problem with that! after long time using (about 6-8 hours) it crushes in BSOD. WTF??