Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Slow Vista

For some reason, on my computer, Windows Vista is being very, very slow. Sooooo slow.... in fact, stupidly slow. I go to install a program, and the User Protection Thingy comes up. It turns my entire screen black. Doesn't give me the "Continue" or "Cancel" box. I wait. Nothing. Five minutes later. Nothing. Control-Alt-Delete gets me out of it, thank God. But Vista should never be THIS SLOW. Something is wrong.

So, I go to Control Panel.
-- "System and Maintenance"
-- "Problem Reports and Solutions"

There, it tells me that Halo is messing up my computer. Halo. I put Halo on a long time ago. Long time ago. How could it just now be messing up my computer????? I don't understand. I haven't even played it recently. It hasn't RUN recently. This is terrible. And stupid. I am really quiet distressed at how badly Vista is behaving. XP never has had any issues like this. I am desperately trying to make the computer go back to normal without reformatting the Harddrive, but ooooo, and I ever close. Just wait.... one day.....

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